• Meow - Realtime chat, photo sharing, location, and more. I have been a developer on the Meow team for nearly 4 years
  • Musi - A YouTube and SoundCloud based music streaming app. Featuring Core Data, AVFoundation, web based API, and more. Over 300,000 downloads and 75,000 active users
  • Posi - Built for two folks here in Winnipeg, MB, Posi is a feel good social network. Featuring image manipulation, realtime blurring, data uploading, web based API, and more
  • Winnipeg Headlines - Winnipeg news RSS reader. Featuring Core data, web interaction, RSS parsing, and more
  • Toronto Headlines - Winnipeg Headlines, but for Toronto
  • Fannex - I was commissioned to build a set of iOS applications for Fannex, and I continue to maintain and expand these applications as they mature. Fannex features interactive games for sports events, game information, deep stadium integration, and even "light up the stands" which displays a mosiac using phones with the Fannex application.


  • iOS development with Swift and Objective-C
  • Core Data, Core Location, UIKit, Core Animation, and more
  • Web services and APIs
  • PHP, MySQL, and miscellaneous web development
  • UX and UI design

Fun Stuff